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Magnetic Magic Connector   (currently unavailable)

The Magic Connector instantly combines the Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard yet is instantly removable by simply sliding the keyboard and trackpad off sideways. With it you can use the Magic Trackpad on soft surfaces (or on your lap) and the physical right and left click work just as Apple intended. The Magic Connector is made from aircraft grade aluminum and its finish matches the MacBook Pro/MacBook Air.


Super Magnets with 3M Adhesive $1.95


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Recent comments from Magic Connector owners:

“Totally Satisfied! Great Product thanks so much!!!”    L. E.

“Thank you for sending me the replacement “feet” for my Magic Connector so promptly. Your customer service after the sale is great! I appreciate your help.”

“I love that it is so easy to use. The trackpad and keyboard are a perfect fit.”

“This is an excellent product, it spends more time in my lap than my girlfriend.

“Apple needs to sell this thing in stores and online. It is the simplest and most elegant solution I’ve seen. Not to mention fairly priced.”

“Now I can use the keyboard and trackpad in my lap without everything sliding around.”

“You might want to mention that the magic connector is useful not only for people who are using the devices while lying on a sofa but also for handicapped individuals, such as myself (i am in a wheelchair) who cannot access a desktop, easily”

“I love my magic connector… and awesome and simple solution that looks GREAT and works even better!!!”

“it is beneath my keyboard and trackpad and so it does not spoil the beauty of my beautiful keyboard and trackpad. After using it for 2-3 days now I do not even feel that there is something beneath my keyboard and trackpad”

“Really quick shipping, very smart product, very innovative!!”

“Love it! Thanks again for such a useful product.”

“The magic connector is a great addition to my mac. Thanks”

“American ingenuity.”

The Magic Connector you sent was perfect I love it. Keep up the good work!!’

“Elegantly simple and functional. This is the best for your Mac Mini”

The technology professionals are saying great things about the Magic Connector:

Tech Crunch “the only adapter that still allows the left and right click feature on the Magic Trackpad to work”

macnn “the connection looks like it was always that way and very much a part of Apple’s design

“Of all the accessories on the market, the Magic Connector is one which provides all comforts required for comfortable and smooth computing”  firstain

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