The Magic Connector is a remarkably versatile and useful Apple product for your MacBook. Once you begin using it, you might be tempted to say, “Where have you been all my trackpad’s life!”

Just read our recent comments from Magic Connector users, and you will quickly see just how useful and functional the Magic Connector is.

I love my magic connector… and awesome and simple solution that looks GREAT and works even better!!!”

“I can’t believe I only just discovered this product; it’s exactly what I have been looking for! I have tried many times to come up with a workable solution for the way I use the Magic Trackpad, and your solution is genius! Thanks!!” -Bruno

Don’t you just love the exclamation points from these happy Magic Connector owners? Once people get their hands on this innovative problem solving solution, they know they have something special; that’s the Magic Connector.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the endless uses that you will find for the Magic Connector. Whether you are using your Magic Connector for personal computing, video gaming or business, you are bound to find a slew of great benefits.

Personal Computing:

-With the Magic Connector, you can combine the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into one unit.

-Set the keyboard and trackpad in your lap and they’ll stay there, even when you readjust your position a bit.

-Control your Mac from the couch. We’d never use TV without a remote so why are we still wired to our computers? Free your MacBook and yourself!

-Rest the keyboard and trackpad on your knees. Now that’s easy computing.

-Use the Apple, or other wireless mouse with keyboard, when there is no other surface to set a mouse on. The Magic Connector is always about ease of use!

-See your computer screen on the big screen by connecting the Mac to an HDMI TV controlled remotely. This doesn’t just mean great functionality but also more fun as well.


-Instead of contorting and tensing your muscles all day, why not bring the keyboard/trackpad to your level? Give your tired muscles a much deserved break with the Magic Connector.

-When you want to stand while working the Magic Connector Arm* brings your trackpad/keyboard up with you

-More natural operation of Multi-touch controls on the Magic Trackpad due to the Magic Connector Angle Adjustor* is another additional benefit!


-Use the trackpad and mouse mounted on the treadmill to make your exercise time easier and more efficient.


-Kick back in your Lazy Boy chair with your Magic Connector control command center. Now that is gaming fun!


-There is no need for a reception desk between your staff and your client. A monitor on a stand and the Magic Connector (with the Magic Connector Mounting Bracket*) is all you need.

-Customers can use the Elegant Apple Keyboard and Trackpad to browse your in-store catalogue without the trackpad and keyboard disappearing with the Magic Connector Upper Casing.


-Workers can operate factory computers from the standing position.

-Computers mounted in vehicles are no longer cumbersome to reach and operate.

In short, there are literally endless different ways that you can put the Magic Connector to work for you and enhance your MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac-mini computing experience.

Order The Magic Connector today and discover for yourself why so many people are gushing about this smartly designed and innovative problem solver!

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