Freedom and Enhanced Functionality

-Apple users, experience wireless freedom in a new way.

-Only Magic Connector combines the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into a single unit without adding bulk and preserves the Magic Trackpads right and left click functions!

-This device allows you to break free of the wires of your computer in a comfortable fashion-giving you limitless possibilities.

-When used in conjunction with Apple Magic Trackpad, Magic Connector makes multi-touch commands an easy part of the everyday computing experience.

-Thanks to Magic Connector, you can have unprecedented comfort and convenience even without having your computer in front of you

Impressive Ergonomic Benefits

-The Magic Connector allows you to bring your MacBook up closer to your natural eye level to ease eyestrain.

-The Magic Connector easy to use and using it will reduce muscle tension and improve posture by allowing you to have your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position.

-Reduce the possibility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by using your keyboard and trackpad in a posture that offers the most ergonomic benefit.

-Let your body relax by computing wherever and whenever you want. Kick back and control your home entertainment system from your couch or favorite chair.

Quality of Design, Concept and Engineering

-The Magic Connector delivers an array of benefits without adding extra bulk.

-Only the finest natural materials are used in the construction of the Magic Connector.

-Reconfigures for right OR left handed users in about 5 seconds.

-Clever design and engineering means that Magic Connector can be easily removed and is not permanently affixed.

-Thanks to an exhaustive and detailed design process, Magic Connector is compatible with many Apple products.

- Magic Connector comes is a variety of specialized models, so you are guaranteed to find one that is right for you and your needs!